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Going Home

When I was a child, I loved to play outdoors.  I was my parents’ only child until I was 7 years old when my brother, and later my sister, came along.  So I grew up used to playing by myself during my formative years.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to play with children my age.  On the contrary, I loved to play with the neighborhood kids!  In fact, whenever I was allowed to go out and play, I’d make the most of it by staying out as late as possible.

We had maids back then and sometimes I get them into trouble.  Both my parents were out working most of the time and I was entrusted into their care.  They made sure I went to school, had a packed lunch, get home safely, take a nap, play outside, took a bath, and later in the evening get me ready for dinner.  They clothed me, bathed me and fed me.  With this kind of pampering, it was not hard to think of me as a brat.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m the typical nerd even when I was very young; but nerds can be bratty too.  So there were times when the maids were calling me to go home and take a bath, I would hide from them by going into our neighbor’s house – often inviting myself over for dinner.

The maids often got scolded because when my parents would ask for me,I was still dirty from playing outside and haven’t taken a bath.

Well, one time, one of the maids got fed up.  One day, my parents had to go somewhere and were going to come home late.  I was overjoyed when I found out.  I planned to stay out for as long as I wanted.  Which I did.  Finally, when it was time to go home, this maid came to me and told me that playtime was over and that I needed to take a bath.  The usual routine, you know.  I didn’t listen.  She was cool about it.  She left me alone playing with the other kids and she didn’t make any fuss about it.  She simply went back inside the house and closed the door.

Needless to say I had a blast!  I played hide and seek with my friends, played tag and bragged about owning the moon (which I may cover in another post). It was getting late.  One by one all the kids started going home.  I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t notice I was the only one left outside.  I also noticed that I was very, very hungry.  Dirty, exhausted but happy, I sprinted (I miss those days when you just had a lot of energy) back to our house.

The door was closed and locked from the inside.

I knocked and called one of the maids to open the door, yelled that I was now ready to go back inside.

No response.

I knocked and knocked.  Nothing but silence.  I was starting to panic.  I knocked harder, shouted harder but to no avail.  They weren’t going to let me in.  I started to cry.  Nothing.  I cried harder.  Still nothing.  It was really getting dark and I was getting scared; I didn’t know what to do.  All the neighbors were already asleep.  So I just stayed there, in front of the door and sobbed.   It was only a few minutes, though I believe it seemed like eternity for me, when the door was unlocked and I was allowed to go back inside and get cleaned up, eat and sleep.

I learned some lessons that day, that night.

You see, no matter what we do (though there may be exceptions out there), we always want to go home, need to go home.  We need to go live in a place where we are accepted, forgiven, cared for and cared about.

How are you today?  Like me, have you been spending too much time out in the world that you’re starting to feel cold and tired?   You may not admit to it, but are you scared?  Or maybe you are at odds with someone back home and you’re afraid that they don’t want you back?  Well then, there’s no better time than right now to go back and be reconciled.  Who knows?  Maybe they’re just waiting for your familiar knock on the door.

If you’re burned out because you’ve been working hard.  Go home.  Relax and be at ease.

If you’re lonely and don’t know what to don on a Friday night… Go home and be comforted.

If you think no one understands you, and your friends have deserted you, and you’re scared your family won’t take you back…  Go home and be forgiven.

Go home and be at peace.

Go on.

Go back.

Go home and be loved.

(If you have time, read Luke 15:11-32)


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