Keeping The Gloves On

Love Thy Parents

Mrs. Blue


When I was younger I hated it when my father never seemed to have the time to spend with me.  My dad was the culprit whenever he made excuses of not making it on my birthday, my presentations at school and even my graduation.  I hated that I missed him on regular days; it was worse when he wasn’t there on occasions that I needed him.  He broke my heart again and again.

Now that I am a parent going through the same motions my father went through during his corporate years, I am anxious of my managed time I spend with my children.  I am so tired that I barely have enough quality time to play with Ms. Pink. I spend as much time with her on regular days and make sure I share those special occasions with her. And now I understand in a way how my dad was whenever he wasn’t able to be there. The deadlines are harsh and the need to do all the work is so overwhelming at times.  I am appealing to the children right now regardless of whether they’re six or thirty six and bitterly missing a parent.  Try not to hate your parent. There is no justifiable reason for them not to be there and yes not even their work should ever be an excuse.  But I’ll tell you a secret that I wish I knew when I was crying and hating my dad.  Your Mom or Dad is trying their best to work things out and hurrying up those deadlines because they want to be with you.  Every parent’s priority is keeping their children safe, healthy and happy.  Making sure you have the best education, enjoy traveling, sometimes even extra things that you demand.  All these things mean more time is spent at their jobs than with children.  It is difficult to manage things but I encourage parents that it is possible.

Now that I know better, I wish I spent the time laughing with my dad than arguing with him when he did manage to take a day off just to be with me.  To really talk with him, share and open up when he did get home and have dinner with me and my mom.  If I was given a chance to be with my dad again, I think I will just hug him tightly. Now, I miss him so much; but I don’t have the chance to tell him that I finally understand him.

To the children who still have parents. Whenever they are around, show them how much you appreciate them because they’re giving their best to make you comfortable, providing your needs and wants.  Be obedient at all times.  They only have the best intentions for you.  On moments when they are absent, always consider they are missing you and thinking about you all the time.  Whatever the circumstance, keep in touch and keep good relations with them.  Kiss your mom and dad; your hugs and kisses are our ultimate joy. And yes, no matter how old you are, we will always see you as our baby.


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