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    A True Friend

Did you know that I just love playing billiards?  I’m not that good but I do have a passion for playing it.   I enjoy the challenge of finding out how to hit the cue ball and discovering how the balls roll and behave as they run and bounce against the rails of the billiard table.

What makes me like playing billiards most of all is being able to play with a very good friend.

I used to play with a good friend of mine and we played a lot!  We were single then, so we had loads of time to play against each other.  Whenever we can, whenever our schedules permitted it and whenever we had money to spare, we head on over to the nearest and best billiard hall we can find and spend hours playing.  There were even times when we played for more than 24 hours!

While playing though, we would discuss about a ton of things.  We would talk about girls we liked, how we would approach them and woo them, we would talk about the news and debate each other’s political views, we shared jokes and laughed at each other’s embarrassing moments… but most of all, we would talk about…  tadaaa….  Theology!

Yep!  You read that right.  We talked about theology a lot while eating a plate of peanuts and drinking some soft drinks.  Yep.  You read that right again.  We both don’t drink beer or alcohol – and we are non-smokers.

Well, I lost touch with this friend of mine for many years owing to the fact that I transferred to a different city and sad to say… because I was avoiding him.

You see, I did a very bad thing.  It was so bad that I don’t want to mention what it was nor share with you its details here.  Maybe someday I will, but not now…  maybe never.  To make a long story short, I thus avoided this friend, fearing not only his disapproval but his condemnation of me and of what I did.

I told myself, it was over.  That non-communication equates to the death of our friendship.

A lot of things have happened since then.  Transferred to different places, changed living conditions, etc.  Until we finally settled to our current location.  We’ve been staying here at our place for more than 2 years now and I haven’t met anyone I’ve known before.  It’s hard for me to make friends nowadays since I spend most of my days at home taking care of our daughter, doing chores, and if I’m fortunate enough to have a new client, working online.

One night, I was praying to God to give me direction with regards to my life and my family.  I was down and troubled and at my wits’ end with regards to our financial situation.  The following morning, I was taking Little Miss P to school when I heard someone call me by my nickname.  I turned  around and guess what!  It was him.  My best friend.

It just happened that he and his wife (yes, he’s married now) just live beside the school where my daughter was studying.  To top it off, his wife is a  teacher at the school where Little Miss Pink was attending!

It’s been eight years since we last met so we made a date and decided to catch up.  We had a long talk and it was a good one.  It turned out that he was looking for me.  His wife told me that he hasn’t stopped talking about me through the years.   What made it all such a blessing was finding out that he didn’t condemn me, and neither did he hate me enough to end our friendship.  Instead, he recognized that I was moving forward with my life and was taking steps of faith, a little at a time.  He prayed for me and my family.

Maybe it was just coincidence that God brought me and my family to this city where we live.  Maybe it was also coincidence that he brought my best friend to live in this city as well.  Maybe it was coincidence that Little Miss Pink studies at the school where my friend’s wife is a teacher.  Maybe it’s coincidence that I met my friend the morning after I prayed to God to help ease my burden.  We’ve been living 2 blocks away from each other for 2 years and never knew we were close to each other.

Yes.  Maybe it’s just coincidence.

I believe, though, that it’s providence.


"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."  Proverbs 27:17 (NLT)

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