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Video Games and Me (Part 6)

Mr. Red

 My introduction to the bestselling video game console of all time: the PlayStation 2!

Looking back at my previous posts under this category, I am surprised that I’ve gone through more than 30 years of gaming history. I admit it is not as exhaustive as I want, but then this is all based on my personal experience so a lot of consoles have been skipped over. I hope you understand.

Anyway, to continue… After 5 years of enjoying playing games on the Sony Playstation at video game rental shops, Sony released the most successful gaming console in history (well, in my opinion only, okay?), the PlayStation 2.

The very first game I played on the PS2 was Final Fantasy X-2. I was at a friend’s house when I first saw the Playstation 2, and wow!!! The graphics were great and the gameplay was quite enjoyable. I tried my hand at it and instantly, I knew right there and then that I was holding a bestseller! Reluctantly, I gave the controller back to my friend. I looked around and saw some other DVD game, “Soul Calibur 2”. I recognized the game since I used to play the original Soul Calibur game at the arcade with my sister (who beat me most of the time using this eerie character named “Voldo”). I asked my friend when it was released and was I surprised. It was released in 2000, 2 years earlier! I couldn’t believe it! I was waaaay behind the news… and indeed, the Playstation 2 was already a bestseller!

Why was I behind the news? Well, after spending months preparing for the Millenium Bug in 1999, the company that I worked for got taken over by another company, and I was one of the employees that were retained. I got busy with some other stuff like getting involved launching the website, getting married, and other stuff.

I’ll get to that other stuff after my last post regarding Videogames and me. (I know, I know… Grammatically, it should be “Videogames and I”, but this sounds better to me.)

(Oh and let me greet those good people at Software Experts in Florida: Hi! Enjoy your weekend!)

Till next post…

Run the race.  Fight the good fight… while keeping the gloves on.


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Video Games and Me (Part 5)

Mr. Red

Nintendo versus Sony – The Rivalry Begins
Back in the late ’80s, I knew Sony as a company that produced music and cassette tapes.  Indeed, the word “Sony” comes from the Latin “sonus” (which means “sound”).  With Sony being a giant in the media industry, Nintendo entered into a contract with Sony to help produce an add-on peripheral to the SNES that would enable the SNES to play games off of a CDROM.  At that time, all NES/SNES games were developed on cartridges, which were both expensive and took a long time to produce.  Sony, together with Philips, was developing the CDROM/XA which allows compressed audio, video data, and computer data to be accessed and played in one disc – a true revolutionary technological development!  However, just before announcing this innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in May 1991, Nintendo examined its contract with Sony and found that they, Nintendo, would be effectively giving Sony all the edge in the gaming industry since Sony would retain all rights to all gaming titles that would use the then upcoming SNES CD-ROM format.  Nintendo then allied itself with Philips and broke off ties with Sony.

Sony, instead of stopping their research, continued to use what they had so far and went on to create the PlayStation.  Nintendo tried to protect itself from the oncoming revolution by filing a lawsuit against Sony, which they lost.  And so, in October 1991, the first PlayStation said, in a manner of speaking, “Hello, World!”

When I first saw the PlayStation and the CDROM, I was instantly hooked.  It can play audio CDs, Video CDs (VCD), and allowed the gamer to play in 3D!  The first thing I played was Tekken, a fighting game developed by Namco, and then Ridge Racer; after which, I and my brother would frequent the malls where some computer shops were renting out PlayStations for a fee.  We would sit there for hours battling each other with controllers getting battered by the minute.

The ultimate feature that I liked about the PlayStation was the PlayStation Memory Card which allowed gamers to save their progress for the game.  This enabled game developers to create games which you could play longer.  One such game that pioneered this was Final Fantasy VII.  Soon enough, the PlayStation dominated the video game scene.

More next time…

Run the race.  Fight the good fight… while keeping the gloves on.

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Video Games and Me (Part 4)

Mr. Red


The Nintendo Family Computer 2 (from NES to SNES)

I was talking about the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) earlier which was also known as the Famicom (short for "Family Computer").  For years, the Nintendo Entertainment System dominated the console gaming industry.  Why was it such a success?  I’m not really sure, but I believe the NES owes it success to the volume of games that people could play on it.

The NES was not uncontested though.  Atari kept coming out with newer models of its  gaming console.  Sega, a company that produced video games, also came out with its own gaming platform (different models through the years were known as the Genesis, the Saturn, and the Dreamcast).  Other companies who got into the fray were SNK, Coleco, Panasonic and maybe some others that are unfortunately unknown to me.  With a host of competitors, Nintendo fought back to keep its niche and released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) or more popularly known as the "Super Family Computer" or "Super NES".

I only got to play with the SEGA Saturn a couple of times but never really liked it that much.  Oh, the machine was good but the games that I liked were, of course, mostly on the SNES.  The SNES was graphically superior to its predecessor by exactly 8 bits.  The NES ran on 8 bits and rendered 8-bit graphic games.  The SNES, on the other hand, were able to play 16-bit graphic games.  I remember playing "Duck Hunt" using the NES Zapper, a gun- shaped controller which was sold separately.

Nintendo would be able to hold its own, that is, until a not-so-new player entered the gaming console industry.  More on that on the next post.


Ken vs Sagat–Street Fighter II–SNES


Run the race.  Fight the good fight… while keeping the gloves on.

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Video Games and Me (Part 3)

Mr. Red


The Nintendo Family Computer

The Nintendo Family Computer (commonly referred to by most as the Famicom) was released by Nintendo in the early ’80s.  Its success in Asia prompted Nintendo to release it in the USA and Europe where it became known as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The first time I laid eyes on it, immediately, I knew that the Atari Video Computer System’s (AVCS) days were numbered.  Compared to the Atari home computer, the Nintendo Family Computer was smaller, making it easier to allocate space for it in the living room.

Most of my friends and people I knew who owned an AVCS typically didn’t make it a part of the living room.  They only took it out of its box when they wanted to play, and replaced it back in the box afterwards.  Well, maybe that’s the case where we live, a country where a majority of houses have small living rooms.  Or maybe, people were just not that into video games back then.  Whatever the case may be, the Famicom became an integral part of the living room; that is, for most people who can afford to own  one.

It was a good thing that one of my close friends owned one.  We would spend hours playing Super Mario Brothers, Galaga, Contra, Karateka, Donkey Kong, Arkanoid, Bomberman, Pac-man, Double Dragon, Super Mario Brothers, Battle City, Final Lap, Gradius, Star Wars and… did I say Super Mario Brothers?  Yep, we played the plumbers’ game a lot… A whole lot!

It was good that my friend did not mind the companionship, neither did his mother because he was an only child.  (My mother minded it, though, since I was the eldest of three children.)

Through our high school days (Yes, don’t snicker.  You read that right.) we would often spend the afternoons playing with the Famicom.  Well, unless we were playing chess or billiards, which was our alternative pastimes.

When we finally went to college and became busy with other things, I eventually stopped visiting my friend until the time both of our families had to move to different cities and we lost contact.  Lucky for me and my new set of friends, video gaming shops started to sprout everywhere, renting out TVs with their individual Famicoms for a set price per hour.  It’s like I was playing back in the ’70s’ tabletop video game arcades but with a whole lot of better games which you can change from time to time.

But things were bound to change with new video console developers entering the scene.  Things were going to become more competitive and Nintendo was going to lose a major piece of the video gaming industry to its competitors.  This only meant progress, which means this benefits everyone: video game console developers, video game creators, and most importantly, video game players like myself.

How to Beat Super Mario Bros.


Run the race.  Fight the good fight… while keeping the gloves on.

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Video games and me (Part 2)

Mr. Red


The Wonder of the Atari Video Computer System

In my previous post, I related my first encounter with video games via the tabletop coin-operated machines.  I found myself a regular patron of that arcade, that is, whenever I had money to spend.  Soon, I noticed that it was getting too costly to play and my video gaming expenses was eating up most of my school allowance.

Eventually, the lure of the arcade, with its bright, blinking sights and beeping sounds lost its attraction.  It was just too expensive.  Well, actually it was my parents’ frequent scolding that were primarily responsible for my sudden disappearance from the gaming arcade scene.

As a result, I would often daydream of one day owning one of those machines, and putting it right smack in the middle of our living room with the whole family gathered around that black, glowing tabletop arcade machine, shouting encouragements to whoever was playing as he struggled to break the current highest score.  Yes, it was a child’s dream; little did I know that in the future that would come true when video game consoles would actually start becoming a standard piece of appliance for the living room.

The first of these consoles I knew was the Atari Video Computer System – created, manufactured and sold by Atari, Inc.  Sadly, I was not able to own one because of financial constraints.  The first time I saw one, though, was when I visited a classmate at his place and he allowed me to play a video game called "Pong" with him for a couple of hours.  As I left his house, I was green with envy, to say the least… and yet I was happy to know that technological advancement was spurring the  development of video gaming systems for the home. 

My dream of owning my own tabletop arcade machine was now replaced by my dream of owning my very own Atari Video Computer System.  From the very start, I wished Atari, Inc. the best of luck so that they would be able to sell more Atari Video Computer Systems at a much more affordable price; but more advancements were soon on their way.  The Atari Video Computer System would soon give way to its better successor, the Nintendo Family Entertainment System.  More on that on the next post.

Atari Video Computer System

Run the race.  Fight the good fight… while keeping the gloves on.

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Video Games and Me (Part 1)

Mr. Red

Tabletop Arcade Games

I was seven years old when I first played an arcade game.  Some enterprising individual rented a small space at a new building somewhere near our neighborhood and installed a few arcade game machines.  I didn’t know what it was at first.  They looked like small black tables and I thought that the people who were sitting there were just having a cup of coffee and having a good conversation with a friend or two.  So I just ignored them and was content buying comic books.  One time, on my way home from school, the crowd there were rowdier than usual.  They were shouting and laughing and were evidently having a lot of fun.  I got curious.  I never crossed the street to see what the "coffee shop" sold or what the weird looking tables were before, therefore I never heard the sounds that came from the arcade machines. 

As I came closer, I saw those who were sitting at the tables were hunched down  with hands somewhere between their legs and jerking left and right, leaning forward and backward  at times.  A little more closer and then… that’s when I heard some sounds I never heard before.  There were beeps and pops and whatever and this just added to my curiosity.  At last I  came near the first table and my eyes grew wide at the site.

The tables were no strange coffee tables!  There were small colorful images moving there and the sounds and some music were coming from there.  I peered over one person’s shoulder and was mesmerized when I saw that the table top had a screen like a TV; only, it wasn’t a TV and there was no television show.  On closer inspection I saw what looked like an inverted T-shaped thing moving at the bottom of the screen shooting bullets at a lot of other oval shaped like things moving at the top of the screen.   Those things seemed to be moving downwards and the guy playing the game was doing his best to eliminate all the enemies.  I was hooked.  Later on I found out that the name of that arcade game was "Space Invaders" and that those weird tables were called arcade machines.  That was how I first came to know and love video games.

Till the next post…

Space Invaders in Play or Retro Tabletop Arcade Machine


Run the race.  Fight the good fight… while keeping the gloves on.

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In the Midst of Tragedy

 Mrs. Blue

Mr. Red


Standing Firm

Last March 11, 2011 a powerful M9 earthquake struck Japan after New Zealand was rocked with a M6. A devastating tsunami followed and wiped out most of Fukushima, the northern part of Japan. Up to this time they are still experiencing M6 aftershocks, they are struggling mightily to control the nuclear fallout from their damaged nuclear power plant, a whole town has been reduced to nothing by the tsunami. If that earthquake and tsunami can cripple Japan, one of the leaders in Asia in technology and economy, what more of neighboring countries that are not as advanced?

But I see Japan’s strength in its people – there has been no looting, no pilferage, no violence, zero crime. In fact, the Japanese are seen going out cleaning, rebuilding, helping victims. The Japanese are truly a commendable and great patriotic people.

That is one thing positive we see.  Character is tested through the crucible of tragedy.  Against the backdrop of the worst events the light of discipline, integrity, and unshakeable hope shines through.

Right now disasters are the only thing that is in everybody’s mind. We are nervous of the impending doom, our imaginations dwell on unpredictable events. Yet as nervous as everyone could ever be. I will remain calm and trust that everything is according to plan by the Lord.

How we deal with our anxiety will reveal the strength of our soul.  The shadow cast by these disasters may seem terrible and big but hope’s radiance will always overcome it.

Hence, I refuse to be crippled by this fear and I will not allow myself to be a victim of unfounded fears. If this is a test, then I will hold on to the fact that God has better plans amidst all the chaos. Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis can plague any nation but I fear God than any disaster.

I stand firm in my faith.



The recent earthquakes experienced in New Zealand and the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan have caused a lot of people to question their faith. Many have started going to church, both regular church members and non-members alike seeking to find the answer to why such tragedies happen and how a loving God fits into the picture.

I had an uncle once who was a very devoted father and husband. They were not rich so his wife had to work overseas to help augment the family income. The internet was not yet around back then so he and his wife kept in touch through costly long distance phone calls and occasional telegrams when there was an emergency. Day after day the family did its best to survive life’s hardships. Only the sight of his children and the thought of being reunited with his wife in the near future kept him going.

A few weeks before Christmas, he made a phone call to his wife. With tear-filled eyes he asked, “Can’t you come home for Christmas? I don’t know if I could make it without you.”

“Just hang in there. My work contract will be renewed if I stay here and work this holiday season. Please just be patient a little bit more. When everything has been signed I will come home next summer,” she replied.

But the kids miss you. I miss you. Why not come home and just try to find a new job early next year,”
he said.

“Honey, you know it’s not that easy. I’m doing this for all of us. Please understand,” and with that, they said their goodbyes.

Two weeks before Christmas, he died of heart failure.

His wife came home. I spoke to her and she asked me, “Why? Why did God allow this to happen? Couldn’t He have done something to prevent this from happening?”

Many have echoed these words throughout history, and many are asking them again after the tragic events in New Zealand and Japan.

Sadly, I myself do not know the answer.

What I do know however is that God is still in control (Jeremiah 32:17) and that in the face of tragedy, during our times of loss and sorrow, God is with us. Remember that “the LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)
If you are fearful or mourning the loss of loved ones, I urge you not to distance yourself from God. Instead draw near to the God of comfort and experience his peace in the midst of this storm.

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,  who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. “ (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

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I Feel The Ground

Mrs. Blue

Mr. Red


Wisdom’s tool

To be honest, I hated making mistakes when I was younger. It made me feel stupid, embarrassed and often times frustrated. After years of blaming hormonal changes, people around me, my shortcomings and my lack of perception in a given situation. I simply accepted that I do make mistakes.  The best thing though is I learned from most of them.  It was just too late to rectify the others.   The outcome nevertheless from those experiences is a better perception and discernment of things. Accepting that making mistakes is a part of life and that it can be harnessed as a learning tool made me a happier person.  I am no longer paranoid or deceptive in my decisions. As I started to improve my decision-making skills and got better at it, I now have a sort of sixth-sense that warns me when I know I might be making a bad decision or turning a bad situation into something worse.  It’s like a tingling sensation when Spiderman gets if something bad is about to hit him.

I am a semi seasoned-veteran of war of battling my way in life. Like any soldier, I have learned that bombs can either maim or kill altogether, and that exposing myself out in the open will get me hit by a sniper.  Also, leaving my navigation tools will definitely get me into a lot of trouble. Like Snake in the game Metal Gear Solid, I am learning stealth techniques, skills in combat, and I’m sticking to my mission of finishing this game. In real life, I am equipping myself with hope, joy, faith and the greatest of all Love.

Finally at the very end I can say :

 "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."  (2 Tim 4:7)



Erasing Mistakes

The other day, I was helping Little Miss Pink with her homework.  Only after she answers it first do I give her my inputs and let her do the necessary corrections.  It so happened that this time, she made a few mistakes and I taught her how to correct it.  Since she’s only in kindergarten and using pencils, it’s easy for her to erase her answers and write the necessary corrections. 

On this occasion, she wrote hard on the paper using her Number 2 pencil and was erasing away such that the paper was starting to thin.  Before rubbing a hole, she stopped, satisfied that all remnants of the previous answer were gone and started to write the correct answer.

This reminds me of life and how often we make mistakes both small and great.  Some mistakes we can easily rectify or at least minimize the damage it may cause us or others, but some are just too damaging that there are some of us walking wounded as we go through our daily routine.

Yes, we live with the consequences of our bad decisions and actions, but we do not have to walk in defeat with head bowed down and hands in our pockets.  The way I see it, accept your failures for what they are, try to make amends where necessary, and then move on.

I remember Christian and Hopeful in John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress when they were crossing the River of Death:

"They then addressed themselves to the water; and entering, CHRISTIAN began to sink. And crying out to his good friend, HOPEFUL, he said, ‘I sink in deep waters, the billows go over my head; all his waves go over me.’"

"Then said the other, ‘Be of good cheer, my brother; I feel the bottom, and it is good.’"

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9-ball, Corner Pocket

Mr. Red



    A True Friend

Did you know that I just love playing billiards?  I’m not that good but I do have a passion for playing it.   I enjoy the challenge of finding out how to hit the cue ball and discovering how the balls roll and behave as they run and bounce against the rails of the billiard table.

What makes me like playing billiards most of all is being able to play with a very good friend.

I used to play with a good friend of mine and we played a lot!  We were single then, so we had loads of time to play against each other.  Whenever we can, whenever our schedules permitted it and whenever we had money to spare, we head on over to the nearest and best billiard hall we can find and spend hours playing.  There were even times when we played for more than 24 hours!

While playing though, we would discuss about a ton of things.  We would talk about girls we liked, how we would approach them and woo them, we would talk about the news and debate each other’s political views, we shared jokes and laughed at each other’s embarrassing moments… but most of all, we would talk about…  tadaaa….  Theology!

Yep!  You read that right.  We talked about theology a lot while eating a plate of peanuts and drinking some soft drinks.  Yep.  You read that right again.  We both don’t drink beer or alcohol – and we are non-smokers.

Well, I lost touch with this friend of mine for many years owing to the fact that I transferred to a different city and sad to say… because I was avoiding him.

You see, I did a very bad thing.  It was so bad that I don’t want to mention what it was nor share with you its details here.  Maybe someday I will, but not now…  maybe never.  To make a long story short, I thus avoided this friend, fearing not only his disapproval but his condemnation of me and of what I did.

I told myself, it was over.  That non-communication equates to the death of our friendship.

A lot of things have happened since then.  Transferred to different places, changed living conditions, etc.  Until we finally settled to our current location.  We’ve been staying here at our place for more than 2 years now and I haven’t met anyone I’ve known before.  It’s hard for me to make friends nowadays since I spend most of my days at home taking care of our daughter, doing chores, and if I’m fortunate enough to have a new client, working online.

One night, I was praying to God to give me direction with regards to my life and my family.  I was down and troubled and at my wits’ end with regards to our financial situation.  The following morning, I was taking Little Miss P to school when I heard someone call me by my nickname.  I turned  around and guess what!  It was him.  My best friend.

It just happened that he and his wife (yes, he’s married now) just live beside the school where my daughter was studying.  To top it off, his wife is a  teacher at the school where Little Miss Pink was attending!

It’s been eight years since we last met so we made a date and decided to catch up.  We had a long talk and it was a good one.  It turned out that he was looking for me.  His wife told me that he hasn’t stopped talking about me through the years.   What made it all such a blessing was finding out that he didn’t condemn me, and neither did he hate me enough to end our friendship.  Instead, he recognized that I was moving forward with my life and was taking steps of faith, a little at a time.  He prayed for me and my family.

Maybe it was just coincidence that God brought me and my family to this city where we live.  Maybe it was also coincidence that he brought my best friend to live in this city as well.  Maybe it was coincidence that Little Miss Pink studies at the school where my friend’s wife is a teacher.  Maybe it’s coincidence that I met my friend the morning after I prayed to God to help ease my burden.  We’ve been living 2 blocks away from each other for 2 years and never knew we were close to each other.

Yes.  Maybe it’s just coincidence.

I believe, though, that it’s providence.


"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."  Proverbs 27:17 (NLT)

Amazing Billiards in Super Slow Motion

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Where the heart is

Mr. Red

Going Home

When I was a child, I loved to play outdoors.  I was my parents’ only child until I was 7 years old when my brother, and later my sister, came along.  So I grew up used to playing by myself during my formative years.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to play with children my age.  On the contrary, I loved to play with the neighborhood kids!  In fact, whenever I was allowed to go out and play, I’d make the most of it by staying out as late as possible.

We had maids back then and sometimes I get them into trouble.  Both my parents were out working most of the time and I was entrusted into their care.  They made sure I went to school, had a packed lunch, get home safely, take a nap, play outside, took a bath, and later in the evening get me ready for dinner.  They clothed me, bathed me and fed me.  With this kind of pampering, it was not hard to think of me as a brat.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m the typical nerd even when I was very young; but nerds can be bratty too.  So there were times when the maids were calling me to go home and take a bath, I would hide from them by going into our neighbor’s house – often inviting myself over for dinner.

The maids often got scolded because when my parents would ask for me,I was still dirty from playing outside and haven’t taken a bath.

Well, one time, one of the maids got fed up.  One day, my parents had to go somewhere and were going to come home late.  I was overjoyed when I found out.  I planned to stay out for as long as I wanted.  Which I did.  Finally, when it was time to go home, this maid came to me and told me that playtime was over and that I needed to take a bath.  The usual routine, you know.  I didn’t listen.  She was cool about it.  She left me alone playing with the other kids and she didn’t make any fuss about it.  She simply went back inside the house and closed the door.

Needless to say I had a blast!  I played hide and seek with my friends, played tag and bragged about owning the moon (which I may cover in another post). It was getting late.  One by one all the kids started going home.  I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t notice I was the only one left outside.  I also noticed that I was very, very hungry.  Dirty, exhausted but happy, I sprinted (I miss those days when you just had a lot of energy) back to our house.

The door was closed and locked from the inside.

I knocked and called one of the maids to open the door, yelled that I was now ready to go back inside.

No response.

I knocked and knocked.  Nothing but silence.  I was starting to panic.  I knocked harder, shouted harder but to no avail.  They weren’t going to let me in.  I started to cry.  Nothing.  I cried harder.  Still nothing.  It was really getting dark and I was getting scared; I didn’t know what to do.  All the neighbors were already asleep.  So I just stayed there, in front of the door and sobbed.   It was only a few minutes, though I believe it seemed like eternity for me, when the door was unlocked and I was allowed to go back inside and get cleaned up, eat and sleep.

I learned some lessons that day, that night.

You see, no matter what we do (though there may be exceptions out there), we always want to go home, need to go home.  We need to go live in a place where we are accepted, forgiven, cared for and cared about.

How are you today?  Like me, have you been spending too much time out in the world that you’re starting to feel cold and tired?   You may not admit to it, but are you scared?  Or maybe you are at odds with someone back home and you’re afraid that they don’t want you back?  Well then, there’s no better time than right now to go back and be reconciled.  Who knows?  Maybe they’re just waiting for your familiar knock on the door.

If you’re burned out because you’ve been working hard.  Go home.  Relax and be at ease.

If you’re lonely and don’t know what to don on a Friday night… Go home and be comforted.

If you think no one understands you, and your friends have deserted you, and you’re scared your family won’t take you back…  Go home and be forgiven.

Go home and be at peace.

Go on.

Go back.

Go home and be loved.

(If you have time, read Luke 15:11-32)

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