Keeping The Gloves On


Mrs. Blue

Welcome to Keeping The Gloves On!

I am Mrs. Blue or Mrs. B – the girl in the blue corner.

I can’t say I’m the better half; I’m just the practical one I guess and surprisingly, the not so emotional one.  You’ll figure that out as you read the posts.  Figured a long time ago it’s easier living that way.  Not that I love him less or is less passionate about the things I pursue.  It’s a choice in some way.  One of my fears is opening the blog to people we know.  The readers who have not known us personally, I can deal with.  I will be opening up myself, and its difficult thinking that a friend of mine is reading how I feel or what I’m thinking about certain things. Things I would most likely write about would be our relationship, movies, books and my spiritual view on things.  And yes, I think I will also tackle sex.  I also like eating, reading scary stuff and then watching its movie or TV adaptation.  The bulk of our lives revolve around our little daughter; she’s six.  Her quirks are enough to get us through the day.  It’s the ups and downs of life like any other, yet it’s how we live it that makes a difference.

I am hoping that in reading our blog, it would make a good difference, even in a small way, to your lives.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Oh, by the way.  Our little one wants to be called Little Ms. Pink, lol!

Mr. Red


Call me Mr. Red or Mr. R, for short – the man in the red corner, figuratively speaking, of course.  Keeping The Gloves On is a collaborative work by two authors.  Here, you’ll read about our sometimes different and sometimes similar take on everything we encounter and experience in our lives.  Mrs. B often says that I’m the pretty one and, though that is very flattering, I would rather let you, our readers, decide that based on what you will be reading here.  I am mostly a cerebral kind of guy, a true nerd.  I’m a techie and I love reading, watching movies and TV series’, and playing video games and chess.  We are a very private couple.  Our neighbors would attest to that, I tell you.  We’ve been living here at our place for 2 years and we still don’t know the name of our neighbors except for one.  I am a homebody but I do like taking trips from time to time when an opportunity presents itself.  So, why blog about our lives?  I’m not exactly sure, myself; but perhaps in doing this, I will find out… And I will definitely let you know as soon as I figure it out.

Well then.  Welcome to Keeping The Gloves On! And please, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think.

Thanks for reading so far… and may you have a wonderful New Year ahead!


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