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Video Games and Me (Part 1)

Mr. Red

Tabletop Arcade Games

I was seven years old when I first played an arcade game.  Some enterprising individual rented a small space at a new building somewhere near our neighborhood and installed a few arcade game machines.  I didn’t know what it was at first.  They looked like small black tables and I thought that the people who were sitting there were just having a cup of coffee and having a good conversation with a friend or two.  So I just ignored them and was content buying comic books.  One time, on my way home from school, the crowd there were rowdier than usual.  They were shouting and laughing and were evidently having a lot of fun.  I got curious.  I never crossed the street to see what the "coffee shop" sold or what the weird looking tables were before, therefore I never heard the sounds that came from the arcade machines. 

As I came closer, I saw those who were sitting at the tables were hunched down  with hands somewhere between their legs and jerking left and right, leaning forward and backward  at times.  A little more closer and then… that’s when I heard some sounds I never heard before.  There were beeps and pops and whatever and this just added to my curiosity.  At last I  came near the first table and my eyes grew wide at the site.

The tables were no strange coffee tables!  There were small colorful images moving there and the sounds and some music were coming from there.  I peered over one person’s shoulder and was mesmerized when I saw that the table top had a screen like a TV; only, it wasn’t a TV and there was no television show.  On closer inspection I saw what looked like an inverted T-shaped thing moving at the bottom of the screen shooting bullets at a lot of other oval shaped like things moving at the top of the screen.   Those things seemed to be moving downwards and the guy playing the game was doing his best to eliminate all the enemies.  I was hooked.  Later on I found out that the name of that arcade game was "Space Invaders" and that those weird tables were called arcade machines.  That was how I first came to know and love video games.

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Space Invaders in Play or Retro Tabletop Arcade Machine


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