Keeping The Gloves On

I Feel The Ground

Mrs. Blue

Mr. Red


Wisdom’s tool

To be honest, I hated making mistakes when I was younger. It made me feel stupid, embarrassed and often times frustrated. After years of blaming hormonal changes, people around me, my shortcomings and my lack of perception in a given situation. I simply accepted that I do make mistakes.  The best thing though is I learned from most of them.  It was just too late to rectify the others.   The outcome nevertheless from those experiences is a better perception and discernment of things. Accepting that making mistakes is a part of life and that it can be harnessed as a learning tool made me a happier person.  I am no longer paranoid or deceptive in my decisions. As I started to improve my decision-making skills and got better at it, I now have a sort of sixth-sense that warns me when I know I might be making a bad decision or turning a bad situation into something worse.  It’s like a tingling sensation when Spiderman gets if something bad is about to hit him.

I am a semi seasoned-veteran of war of battling my way in life. Like any soldier, I have learned that bombs can either maim or kill altogether, and that exposing myself out in the open will get me hit by a sniper.  Also, leaving my navigation tools will definitely get me into a lot of trouble. Like Snake in the game Metal Gear Solid, I am learning stealth techniques, skills in combat, and I’m sticking to my mission of finishing this game. In real life, I am equipping myself with hope, joy, faith and the greatest of all Love.

Finally at the very end I can say :

 "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."  (2 Tim 4:7)



Erasing Mistakes

The other day, I was helping Little Miss Pink with her homework.  Only after she answers it first do I give her my inputs and let her do the necessary corrections.  It so happened that this time, she made a few mistakes and I taught her how to correct it.  Since she’s only in kindergarten and using pencils, it’s easy for her to erase her answers and write the necessary corrections. 

On this occasion, she wrote hard on the paper using her Number 2 pencil and was erasing away such that the paper was starting to thin.  Before rubbing a hole, she stopped, satisfied that all remnants of the previous answer were gone and started to write the correct answer.

This reminds me of life and how often we make mistakes both small and great.  Some mistakes we can easily rectify or at least minimize the damage it may cause us or others, but some are just too damaging that there are some of us walking wounded as we go through our daily routine.

Yes, we live with the consequences of our bad decisions and actions, but we do not have to walk in defeat with head bowed down and hands in our pockets.  The way I see it, accept your failures for what they are, try to make amends where necessary, and then move on.

I remember Christian and Hopeful in John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress when they were crossing the River of Death:

"They then addressed themselves to the water; and entering, CHRISTIAN began to sink. And crying out to his good friend, HOPEFUL, he said, ‘I sink in deep waters, the billows go over my head; all his waves go over me.’"

"Then said the other, ‘Be of good cheer, my brother; I feel the bottom, and it is good.’"


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