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Love Love Love

Mrs. Blue



Since it is the month of love I want to write a series of blogs regarding – LOVE. To start off I would like to lift a famous verse from the bible:

“Love is always patient and kind; it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it does not take offense, and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 13)

Love comes in different forms, with people, in relationships, under circumstances, spanned time, continents, even imaginations and history. We have cheered, condemned, laughed, gossiped, cried, and intrigued about love. Much has been written in fiction or in real life. In fact some stories don’t seem to be complete until the love element is included within the plot. At the beginning of time it was the love of a creator that fashioned us into the same being. The love of the first man to his wife that gave the first scandalous plot with a fruit mixed into it. At the end of it all, it is still that same perfect love that will save us. Wouldn’t you agree then that LOVE does make the world go round?



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