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One of my favorite pastimes is playing games, whether it’s on a game console, online gaming on the laptop, games on FB and even on the phone. Technological advances have given us gamers a variety of great choices.  There is a wide selection of games and you can even pick and choose how to play certain games.  The war of game consoles to give high definition quality, larger disk or memory capacity, cutting edge effects, louder and crisper sound effects and music, dramatic and bigger explosions, touchscreen capability, skins, etc. keep pushing the gaming industry forward.  They’re even developing technology that lets the person be the controller, if not the console itself.  Coming from playing that ping pong game on a DOS system with a green background to a very accurate first shooter sniper game – gamers have truly come a long way.

There are also different genres of games – sports, shooting, driving, fighting, combat, and my favorite: RPG – horror RPGs to be accurate.  Nothing excites me more than playing at the wee hours of the morning when I plug in the headphones, sit in the darkness with only the eerie light coming from the screen and feeling the  controller slowly vibrating as unspeakable terrors unfold right before my eyes. It’s like reading a really good, scary novel or watching a movie – but the best part is: I am part of the story.

Modern video games allow such a range of possibilities – driving recklessly in a dream sports car 160 mph with amped music, choosing to become your fave hero and save the world again and again, travelling the world as an adventurer seeking hordes of treasures, being a farmer and watching your plants grow, dancing yourself silly to the latest hip music, dodging bullets and rockets as an agent out to destroy any government you target, exploring the universe with your alien friends, commanding thousands as a Roman emperor or general set on conquering continents, being a chef, a thug, a dinosaur even a plant fighting zombies – play it by yourself or with a team.  The prospects are endless enough it can last a lifetime.

Yet like any other pastime – it’s a form of relaxation, a stress reliever.  But to be honest, when the game is new, it’s so exciting that I forget the time and I get so engrossed with everything in the game. Exciting as it is to escape into those worlds, I put the game down to play tea with my Miss Pink or share a meal or watch DVD with my family, talk nonsense with my husband, go on a tickling spree with Ms. P or simply go out and take pictures of an amazing sunset. The point is: games will undoubtedly be improved in ways I can’t even imagine, yet life still takes my breath away with simple yet important things – better than any game played or invented.


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  1. Hi Mrs. Blue, Mr. Red & Ms. Little Pink,

    This is cool. Thanks for inviting me over to read your blogs. I’ll be one of your avid readers moving forward…

    Enjoy sharing insights. God Bless!

    Comment by marj rosayaga | January 29, 2011 | Reply

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