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Little Miss Pink

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Little Ms. Pink

I mentioned earlier that we have a little daughter.  We have decided to call her Ms. Pink or simply Ms. P – she is thrilled with the nick.  Since the blog is also a testimony of our life ,it is expected that Ms. P would be an integral part of the blog.

Current ambition – Chef

Difficult subject – Filipino

Challenging feat at the moment – saying words with ‘th’ since she lost all four front teeth

Favorite game: Spongebob (TV show also)

Your world is a hue of pastels in gold and pink and lavender blue
Your eyes are deep innocence
Your kisses the lightest of a butterfly’s wings
Your laughter the chimes of cherubs
Your cry as fresh as the new sunshine

We love you so much it feels like our hearts will break
You believe in magic but you are the magic
In your world of pastel hues of gold and pink and lavender blue
We are lost as we enter anew



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