Keeping The Gloves On

My Boyfriend is My Husband/My Girlfriend is My Wife

Mrs. Blue

Mr. Red


The Boyfriend Experience (BFE)

No matter the length of a relationship – romance is a big factor in a couple’s life. As the years go by we get familiar with our spouses and sadly take them for granted. To guard against stagnation and the dragging routine of everyday life, a couple needs to experience those same feelings and motions like at the start of the relationship.  Courtship and romance go hand in hand and it can be done even when couples have been together for a year, 10 years or even a hundred; with small children, teens or even with grandchildren; in good financial standing or even eating the crumbs from the cookie jar. Your romantic liaison with one another should never be shaken. Your partner should always be as a fresh rose every morning of every day. That tempting red juicy apple that had stirred you of your inhibitions and made you do things you had only imagined should always be within reach.

I have heard somewhere that: “Men fall in love with their eyes and women with their ears.” My husband, no matter how he tries to flatter me. “Honey, you look really sexy today!” or “I just want to tear your clothes!” He still stirs something in me and still makes me flush at his words. He still croons melodies and sweet nothings in my ear. He used to buy me food, now he cooks – and this is a sure winner for me 🙂

He never fails to kiss and hug me every time I come home or go off to work. We lick chocolate and stuff off each other’s fingers.

The sexual tension. Sometimes I even catch him looking lovingly at me when I sleep, with drool and snoring and all. When we can, we date and when we can’t, we make it up with great sex. This is the boyfriend experience any wife needs – attentive, sweet, always ready to comfort you, eager to kiss you all over, eyes that hunger for you. Surely, no wife cannot resist but to fall in love with her boyfriend/husband over and over again, everyday.



The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

GFE stands for Girl Friend Experience.  Often, when a man hires a prostitute, the girl merely goes through the sex act without any emotion, most of the time simply laying down and let’s the man does his thing.  To her, she is simply providing a service.  She doesn’t have to like it.  A prostitute who offers GFE however, interacts with you.  She laughs at your jokes, asks about your day, flirts with you, touches you sympathetically as you share your problems, in short – she pretends to be your girlfriend for the time you hired her.  A film directed by Steven Soderbergh starring adult film star Sasha Gray was released in 2009 with the said title, “The Girlfriend Experience.”

What does this mean for men?

It means that many men really want companionship together with sex.  They don’t want a robot or some anatomically correct, adjustable, customizable doll made from Japan (though there are men who prefer those).  The bottom line is that sex just for the sake of sexual gratification is not enough.  Men need meaningful relationships with women.  Men with their seemingly stern façade really have tender hearts within.

Men don’t need to look far.

Men don’t need to hire an escort/prostitute to have a GFE.  They just need to go out there and look for the girl who’s right for them, if they’re single that is.

Married men, on the other hand, already have their wives.  Make them your confidant, your best friend.  If you’ve lost that spark in your marriage, just treat her like your girlfriend from way back in college.  Tickle her, kiss her, confide in her and watch the flames of romance ignite once more.

Also, don’t be afraid to tell your sexual preferences and fetishes to your wife.  You might be surprised at what she may be willing to do for you.  Give her enough time and money to go shopping so  you both can enjoy a good romantic meal, share stories while appreciating her new hairdo, and watch and enjoy her as she teases you flaunting her newly-bought classy dress and her fishnet lingerie.

Don’t just let your wife be your wife, let her be your girlfriend too!

(By the way, BFE means Boyfriend Experience)



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