Keeping The Gloves On

Why do you Give? When should you Give?

Mrs. Blue

Mr. Red


The Essence of True Giving

The holidays are here and it is a time of merriment, fun ,food, family, shopping and also of giving.

There are a lot of ways when someone gives – others through charitable institutions, some through foundations or their local church or religious affiliations, and some others I have seen just hand out, on the spot, to a needy person they have met on the street. All of these fall under CHARITY. I have nothing against charity; in fact, I am all out for charity.

But I am here to write about the motives behind giving. I have a friend who is a very charitable person, yet whenever he gives I am surprised to find out that he is giving because he did something wrong and wants to make up for it. Some sort of a penance. He believes that whatever it is he has done, he can ‘buy’ it off by giving something to someone in need in return. The act of giving is in a way marred by the hidden motives that we have.

Why do you give?

Is there something that you need in return or expect whenever you give? What are your beliefs regarding giving? How do you act out your charity? Answering these questions would reveal why you give.

In my opinion, giving should be a free act of anything else than just giving. As to why you give is an even deeper understanding of why one is even compelled to give. Have you even wondered why you give or share? I am sure at one point or another you have given someone something.  Not just monetary or material things, it can be a favor or even an affection.  If that is the case, then we therefore give not just out of obligation or empathy or because we see that another person needs it.  There is a deeper underlying strong motive in giving and a higher purpose.  It has be to pure, unselfish and unconditional; or else, it may be worthless.

The next time you give ask yourself why you are doing it: to feel better, to make you happy, to get a spot in heaven, anything in return?  Do you really believe giving will cancel out the bad things you’ve done?  Make you into a better person?  And I hope it isn’t just for show like so  many others use it just like how “Mr. So and so” gave $100,000 or raised an amount for cancer.

Giving is a wonderful opportunity.  I believe the best way to give is give God the control, the option on how to use your blessing. You bless God and you give God the power to use it and direct it to where it’s supposed to go.  Since He knows everything, then who else can we trust our blessings with than the one who knows best where to send it and give it to who truly needs it.



A Missed Opportunity

Years ago, I was waiting at a bus stop on my way home.  I was very picky when it came to buses back then because I knew which ones were the fastest ones.  Bus after bus came my way but I hung around waiting for my favorite one, all the while being paranoid of strangers who were walking about.  I’ve been mugged before so I was extra cautious.

That’s when I saw her.

She was probably in her middle teens wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, black rubber shoes, and sporting a very short pony tail.   It was late and seeing her there wandering about in that hour was unusual.  I watched her as she watched the people running after the buses.  She wasn’t with anyone and she wasn’t carrying anything on her.  She seemed lost and unsure of what to do.   She was about to approach me, but my bus arrived and I had to get on.  So, I went.

A few nights later, I saw her there again, wearing the same shirt – same everything.  Only now, her clothes were dirtier.  And she was mustering up her courage to talk to strangers to ask for money for food.  I was in financial straits and living on a very tight budget.  I wanted to go to her, reach out to her and listen to her and help her.  But I felt so helpless as I was really hard up on cash.  So the next day, I went to a female church friend and told her my story.  She was willing to help out and wanted me to bring the girl to her place.  She was willing to take her in.

So, back I went the next evening.  She wasn’t there.  I waited and waited, for 2 hours.  She never came back.  Years have already passed and I still wonder what would have happened if I just had the courage to speak to her and find out her story.  Perhaps, I would have been able to help and maybe saved a life if only I was willing to sacrifice some change and cut down on a few sandwiches.

I only hope somebody who was in a better position to help her came along and gave her the help she might have needed.  I’m troubled by the fact though, that I will never know.

This has taught me to never close my eyes, my heart, to the needs of others.  I hope you never let an opportunity like the one I had pass you by.



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